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We're not "just" consultants—we actually do the work that we recommend. And we do it better and more efficiently than anyone else.

If you and your team members don't have the time or the expertise to complete a critical project, call us. We will help you achieve your goals while allowing you to focus on the work that suits you best.


Managing projects from vision to execution is our sweet spot. We're experts at getting both internal and external stakeholders on board, and keeping them on track. 


We've developed multimillion dollar commercial real estate projects, overseen complex marketing assignments, conducted forensic accounting projects, replaced x-ray equipment at urgent care centers, designed and produced websites, planned and executed large-scale office moves, and arranged for the removal of a dead bloated beaver from a drainage ditch—we can't make this stuff up! 

We will complete your projects on time, on budget and with a sense of humor.


Like all professional marketers, we believe in the foundational principle of aligning strategy, message, creative and delivery with the needs of highly targeted audiences. But, if you're relying on the same marketing strategies that you used a few years ago, you've fallen behind. 

Digital strategies, online reputation and data collection and analytics are key to marketing and communication success. Combine those with beautiful words, engaging images and killer video and, well, you're on the road to success. 

Your amazing business is worthless if no one knows about it. Let's talk about your marketing and communication strategy.


It's really all about your bottom line. We have years of experience analyzing business models, developing pro formas, dissecting financial statements and managing revenue cycles.


Would your organization benefit from a new procurement contract? We'll do the research, write the RFP, assess proposals and negotiate new contracts. Do you need forensic accounting to tie out your records? We can do that. Are you trying to decide whether to build, buy or lease a commercial property? We can help determine the best financial scenario to meet your goals.

With our unique combination of finance, accounting and real-world operational experience, we can help you earn, save and enjoy more money. 


We have successfully managed the development of multimillion dollar mixed-use projects, MOBs and free-standing urgent care centers; managed capital underwriting projects; overseen large-scale office renovations; managed wet land mitigation; secured municipal tax incentives; developed REITs and more. 


Are you investing in commercial property and need to know the payback under different scenarios? Do you need more office space? Do you need help planning and executing a move? Are you looking for the right retail location?

We will help you develop a successful real estate strategy, complete with market analysis, site selection, financial pro formas, lease negotiations, project plans, general contractor RFPs, architectural oversight...the whole shebang.


Long-term care is an important and complicated healthcare market segment. Compliance, staffing and reimbursement are just a few of the day-to-day challenges.


Our founder has decades of expertise in the areas of assessment and benchmarking, HIPAA and compliance training, compliance audit resolution and remediation programs, strategic planning and more. We are highly selective when choosing the long-term care clients with whom we work.

We partner with highly reputable clients to provide the best and safest environment for all of our mothers, fathers and children who require and deserve the very best care.


Through hand-on leadership, we implement enterprise initiatives to develop, simplify, improve or overhaul complicated business practices. Based on the Baldrige Performance Excellence Model, we take a collaborative, integrated approach. We provide an unbiased assessment of current leadership, operations and personnel, and we work with you to identify measurable goals and priorities.

We will help you make tough but smart decisions, drive change and build enthusiasm for your organization from the inside out. 

If your organization is facing serious operational challenges, you cannot afford to maintain the status quo. (Remember the definition of insanity?)


"You need a guy? I got a guy."

Does your project require a contract attorney, an art appraiser, an investor group, a nursing home administrator, a headhunter, a painter, an IT wizard, a sexual harassment specialist, an actress, a graphic designer, a plumber, a videographer, a mover, a media buyer or a CPA?

Yeah, we know someone. And they're not all guys! Our large and supportive network is comprised of experienced, vetted and trusted professionals.

When you work with The Reds Group, your personal and professional network will expand exponentially.

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