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Here at The Reds Group, we're doers. 

Below are just a few examples of recent projects. If your project or challenge doesn't look like any of these, call us anyway. Chances are, we can help, or we know someone else who can. 

We're justifiably proud of the value and service we provide, and we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

WARNING: The brief case studies below contain no images. Prepare to read!



Financial Management/Interim CFO

Client: Bankruptcy Attorney

When a large, specialized healthcare provider filed bankruptcy, the court-appointed attorney engaged with The Reds Group to help. As Interim CFO, The Reds Group is responsible for revenue cycle management, payroll, taxes, tax filing and reconciliation, 401(k), and tax preparation for CPA filing

Forensic Accounting: With potentially millions of dollars in un-filed and unpaid claims, The Reds Group researched data and records culled from three separate EMRs and produced documents for the DOJ, IRS and bank involved in bankruptcy.

Capital Underwriting

Client: Real Estate Private Equity Firm

A group of entrepreneurs needed an experienced real estate finance expert to create and manage its capital underwriting program. The Reds Group is responsible for project analysis, financial modeling, risk assessment, project narrative development, policy package development and recommendations to the Credit and Advisory committees. Recent projects include:

  • $75 million multi-family residential investment analysis for mezzanine financing of $12 million (Florida)

  • $80 million mixed use, MOB, retail, residential, hotel and parking for mezzanine financing of $10 million (New York)

Marketing: Higher Education

Strategic Marketing and Communication

Client: Major Research University

One of the many problems facing higher education today is the over-supply of PhDs for the number of positions in the academy, particularly in the arts and other non-technical fields. To encourage prospective Master's degree students to consider career paths outside of the academy, The Reds Group researched, conceptualized and are delivering a turnkey solution for a multi-year Professional Pathways for the Arts and Humanities  project.


Working with senior faculty members, recruitment specialists and administrators, we are creating an effective digital information and recruitment tool that helps students explore career options, salary statistics and the critical skills that employers are seeking in job prospects. We provide program-specific experiential learning opportunities that help develop those skills. The landing pages, infographics and examples are incorporated into the recruitment and yield campaigns. While the program is in its infancy, applications to several programs are already up. 

Content and Collateral Development

Client: Top 50 Business School

A Top 50 business school suffered with severely outdated websites and viewbooks, their primary marketing tools, for their signature Master's degree programs. No one in-house had the time or expertise to focus on this massive project. Working within the University’s Identity Standards and complex content management system, we provide overall project management.


In addition, we research, conceptualize, write and act as creative director for websites, landing pages and viewbooks. We work with department chairs, faculty members and administrators to ensure content and messaging is on target. 

To date, we have led the development of program websites (over 80 pages of content including copy, photography and graphics) and viewbooks that are now being used in the recruitment cycle. 

Higher Ed

Real Estate Development / Project Management

Real Estate
Physician Practice Expansion

Client: Large Multi-Specialty Physician Group

Through acquisition and organic growth, a rapidly growing multi-specialty physician practice needed help with strategic direction and operational implementation. The Reds Group provided:

  • Project management of the research, design, and build-outs of three physician practice office expansion projects leading to estimated revenue growth of $20.7 million annually

  • Project management of an office consolidation initiative including the design, build-out and move; estimated cost savings of $80,000 annually

  • Expense management expertise through project management and negotiation of a procurement contract. Tim researched, designed and delivered an RFP for multi-million dollar purchasing contract, and managed the vendor response process. Analysis and collaboration led to a cost savings of over $250,000 annually

Office Relocation

Client: Rapidly Growing Non-Profit

When a growing non-profit agency ran out of room, they contracted with The Reds Group. Here's what we're providing:

Office Space Assessment and Identification

  • Comprehensive assessment of current and future organizational space, location and budget

  • Utilizing extensive network of commercial real estate brokers and developers, identify and conduct on-site assessments of locations


Lease Negotiation and Finalization

  • Thorough assessment of proposed lease; provide comments and recommendations

  • Act as lead negotiator, working with property owner and associated attorneys


Design and Build Out Project Management

  • Work with architects to design efficient space 

  • Manage General Contractor bid process including assessment and contract negotiations

  • Ensure all permits are secured

  • Provide day-to-day build-out project management, ensuring that the General Contractor adheres to budget and timeline, and all issues are identified and resolved in a timely manner

  • Oversee final walk-through, create punch list and follow-up


Office Move Planning and Execution

  • Identify movers and negotiate contract

  • Oversee entire office move plan including deconstructing, cleaning, move and set up

Marketing/Communication: Healthcare

Healthcare Marketing
B-to-B Marketing, Branding, Content Development
B-to-B Marketing, Content Development

Client: Medical Billing and Coding Firm

An established medical billing and coding company had a 10+ year-old website and outdated marketing materials. Working with the CEO, The Reds Group developed a b-to-b marketing strategy, repositioning the firm as a trusted expert and thought-leader in the industry. The rebranding project included positioning, the development of new content, a complete website redesign, collateral materials and an internal communication program.

The Reds Group researches and develops content that positions the CEO as an industry expert; manages the company's LinkedIn presence and advertising, and provides on-going analysis, management and support for marketing initiatives. The firm has experienced significant growth from cost-conscious positioning, brand enhancement and targeted marketing efforts.

Physician Online Reputation Management

Client: Multi-Specialty Physician Group

A large, multi-specialty physician group was expanding at break-neck speed via acquisition of independently owned practices. Popular online physician directories, social media and review sites oftentimes provide grossly out of date and incorrect information. Marketing dollars were being wasted because prospective patients could not find physicians' correct phone numbers or addresses online. While some online information is the responsibility of the practice, much of the information is “owned” by each individual physician (e.g., WebMD, Vitals, Healthgrades, etc.) and cannot be changed without verification.

The Reds Group helped identify and prioritize those physicians whose online reputation and contact information is critical for practice growth. We provided a complete online reputation assessment for a beta group of physicians, and we worked with physicians and administrators to develop an effective process. Finally, we created a scalable online reputation assessment and remediation program that could be implemented across the 600+ physician organization by the in-house communication team. 

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