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Like most successful business persons, our career paths are long, circuitous and a bit quirky. Opportunities excite us, so we've taken chances—we've failed at a few, and succeeded at many others. 

As a result, we're definitely not boring.

And we have a world of experiences and skills that can benefit your organization.


Claire's experience includes senior leadership positions in strategic marketing and communication for healthcare and educational institutions throughout the United States; being a partner in an entrepreneurial physician management firm with multiple service lines; and helping to position and launch a robust commercial real estate development firm.


An experienced leader, manager, educator and public speaker, Claire has earned numerous awards for the work of her teams. She believes in the importance and power of words, she has an artful eye and she likes to work with creative and kind people.

Recent Positions: Director of Marketing, TeamHealth Ambulatory Care Division; Chief Marketing Officer, The Exigence Group; Chief Marketing Officer, Nidus Development; Associate Vice President for College Relations, Buffalo State College


Education: MBA, University at Buffalo; BA in Communication, Purdue University

Partner and Managing Director

From a small town in Upstate New York to a big city in Europe, Tim has earned a reputation for critical thinking, creative problem solving, networking, outstanding client service and is someone who just plain gets “stuff” done.


With leadership roles in healthcare, real estate development, banking and manufacturing, Tim’s breadth of knowledge and experience spans multiple disciplines including accounting, finance, operations, business development and project management. Tim sees the big picture, and he does whatever it takes to turn a vision into reality.

Recent Positions: Chief Financial Officer, ODL; Director of Credit and Underwriting, Blue Cardinal Capital; Senior Project Manager, TeamHealth Ambulatory Care Division; Senior Project Manager, The Exigence Group and Nidus Development

Education: MBA, St. Bonaventure University; BS in Finance, St. Bonaventure University


Sharon is the undisputed expert on long-term care compliance and operations in New York State, and is recognized nationally for her life work. A registered nurse for over 50 years and a licensed nursing home administrator for over 30 years, Sharon is also a geriatric nurse practitioner. Her most recent experiences have focused on assisting skilled nursing facilities with developing or revising quality care delivery systems. She continues to work with facilities on preparation for surveys and assists nursing homes with Directed and Standard Plans of Correction as well as care plan and nursing department clinical systems. She is a highly sought after speaker at conferences and webinars.

Past Positions: Deputy Director of Quality and Surveillance, New York State; Long Term Care Quality Director, Kaleida Health; Senior Manager for Loeb & Troper’s New York City and Ernst & Young’s East Great Lakes long-term care practices.

Education: RN, Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing; Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Certificate, University at Buffalo; BSN, SUNY Board of Regents; NYS Nursing Home Administrator's License 

How We Work

Depending on the client*

and the size of the project:

  • We can work on a hourly basis

  • We can work for a set number of hours per month

  • We can work on a project-fee basis

  • Depending on our current projects, we may be able to work part- or full-time on a contract basis as an interim CFO, COO or CMO

  * We typically require a retainer for new clients. 

Give us a call at 716.491.2811.

Let's have a cup of coffee

and really get to know one another. 


The Reds Group is named in honor of three curly-haired red-headed kids who have grown into respectful, challenging and confident human beings.


Because actions speak louder than words, "The Reds" inspire us to be trustworthy, hardworking, engaging and committed to innovation.

We live by the words of Sir Winston Churchill,

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

The Reds Group:

A Woman-Owned Business

We are a certified New York State

Women-Owned Business Enterprise!

  • NAICS 541611: Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

  • NAICS 541613: Marketing Consulting Services

  • NIGP 91821:  Business Consulting

  • NIGP 91876: Marketing Consulting

  • NIGP 95877: Project Management Services

We are listed in the State's Directory of Certified Businesses with the following codes:

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