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Elevate Your "A" Managers To Improve Profitability

To have a dynamic, growing, and profitable business you need as many “A players” as you can get—and you certainly need them in management positions.

Team members helping each other up to a summit at sunrise

An "A player" refers to an employee or team member who is considered top performing within an organization. A players are known for the ability to inspire and elevate the performance of those around them. They are often pivotal in driving innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage in the workplace. A critically important attribute: A players have the highest level of trust among their team members.

Developing A players starts at the top. We need “A managers” who can guide and inspire others to be the best that they can be with their actions, and who embrace continuous improvement.

  • A players are developed by A managers A managers and players exhibit a great attitude

  • A managers run to coaching

  • A managers are proactive

To elevate your business, you need A managers who recognize strengths in others, provide constructive feedback, and encourage growth. Mentorship — offering support during challenges and celebrating successes — helps younger and less skilled team members. It's important to foster an environment where collaboration and open communication are valued, enabling everyone to contribute and learn.

A note of caution here: just because an individual performs well in their current role, it does not mean that they will be a good manager. Remember Wayne Gretzky? One of the best hockey players to play the game, but he was a horrible head coach.

To identify and support A players it’s important to:

  • Identify corporate qualities based on your industry. Core values and job descriptions get “asses in seats” and are utilized for the hiring and firing process, but you need to ask yourself, “What does this individual have that will help the boat row faster?”

  • Identify training programs that are a must for the managers to enhance their continuing education – training is not a one and done activity.

  • Embody continuous improvement throughout your organization and reward it.

  • Identify measurements for your employees – be aware of the “evolution of thought,” as what works today may not work for shit tomorrow.

A managers are a key component of growing, profitable businesses. For a succinct, powerful explanation of what makes a “gifted, natural leader who is creating an environment for everybody else to succeed,” watch Simon Sinek’s video (well worth 2.5 minutes of your day!) on performance versus trust. It's time to improve your hiring, evaluation, and reward systems to identify and keep A managers and A players on your team.


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