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Eliminate Noise from Your Business

Updated: Mar 11

How much time do you and your team spend on things that just don’t matter? Probably more than you think.

Time = Money. Every project, meeting, report, or other assignment that doesn’t have a defined outcome to move your business forward, is just noise. And a waste of your money.

kitten with headphones on, eliminating noise

If you’re brave enough, answer these questions about things you’re working on this week:

  • Why are we really doing this project (or having this meeting or running this report or whatever you’re doing)?

  • What impact does it have on my business?

  • How can we quantify impact (revenue, money saved, time saved, productivity, etc.)?

  • Have we clearly defined project success?

  • Have we used SMART goals?

  • Have we done a proper SWOT analysis?

  • Do we have all the tools we need?

  • Are we using relevant and accurate data, information, and sources?

  • Have I fallen in love with what I’m hearing and seeing? Why? (In other words, are you being objective?)

The Big Question

If you want to objectively evaluate why you and your team are investing your time and money in a project/task/meeting, ask yourself, “Who initiated this and what is their motivation?” If the answer doesn’t include “to meet a defined business objective,” then you have a problem.

I’ve oftentimes seen managers call a meeting or assign projects to their staffs that have nothing to do with the most pressing problems or opportunities facing the organization. Why?

Is it because they aren’t equipped to address the tough problems, so they are causing distractions? Do they not understand or buy in to the goals of your organization? Is it because they’re looking to build their resume and don’t have your business’s best interest in mind? Is it some other reason?

Noise and BS

When you are making business decisions, eliminate all outside factors and projects—NOISE—from the process. If you do so, you’ll spend your time on the things that matter most to you and your business.

One of my clients recently summed up the concept in a delightfully direct way when she said, “Stop adding bullshit.”


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